emi_lou1985 (emi_lou1985) wrote in penpalsover20,

Hi all,

Just thought i would post here to see if i could get some new pen pals.

Im Emma, but alot of people call me Emi-Lou.I am 29 years old,married to Aj who is 34 he works full time at a carpet outlet store... so mainly only see him a few hours in the evening and at weekends on his day off. Together we have 3 sons, 3 year old Tony and 14 month old Identical Twins Darren and Connor, i am a stay at home mum right now.

HOBBIES Reading, Writing Letters, Cooking and Baking, Card Making, Scrapbooking, Watching tv and films, Listening to music
INTERESTSHistory of the World Wars, baking, wildlife, taking photographs
MUSIC(my biggest passion)Elvis,Queen,Meatloaf,Dolly Parton,Elton John,Cher,Pink,Girls Aloud, Steps,Take That(90's)Kelly Clarkson,Paramore, The Killers,Evernecense,Beyonce,Rhianna much more
BOOKSI just love reading and will give any book a try, but some of my favourite genre's are Crime thriller, Crime Fiction, Chic Lit,War time and Period Drama,True Life. Authors i enjoy reading are Annie Murray, Torey Hayden, Lyn Andrews, Katie Fforde, James Patterson,JK Rowling, many more
FILMSTitanic,Green Mile, Charlie's Angels, Hunger Games, Snow white and the Huntsmen, Harry Potter collection, Twilight Saga, Lord of the Rings, Terminator films, Stepford Wives, Miss Congeniality, Run Away Bride.... many more
TVGreat British Bake Off, America's Next Top Model, Come dine with me, 19 Kids and Counting, Cooking Shows, Wildlife shows on Animal Planet and Nat Geo Wild

Looking for new pen pals male or female from anywhere.
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