fpr_castle (fpr_castle) wrote in penpalsover20,

Looking for snail mail pals.

Name: Abi
Age: 25
Location: Gloucestershire, England
Gender: F
Languages spoken: English.

About me:

I'm currently a college student studying animal management. After that...well, still not completely sure what I want to do with my life. Finding employment within the animal job sector...hopefully with limited interaction with customers. I've had my fill of customer service for life! I'm introverted, and can come across as a little boring sometimes, since I don't usually have that much to say. If it's a subject I like or feel strongly about though, then I can go off on a slight tangent.

I have issues with shyness and panic attacks. I tend to buy stuff just because it has a pretty cover, or some other visuals that are appealing to me. I've got so many note books that are just sitting around my room unused, it's not even funny.

I'm owned by two guinea pigs, who think that everytime they wheek, I'll come running. Trying to train them out of that habit, though.

I dabble in writing as a hobby, though due to college commitments, that has dropped off a little. I like taking myself off for rambles in the countryside, sometimes by myself and sometimes with family.

Taking photographs is also a sort-of-hobby. I mainly photograph invertebrates, but sometimes scenery/people.

I like reading, although again, haven't had that much time for it. I'll have a go at reading anything, though sci-fi/fantasy/mystery hold a special place in my heart. Any non-fiction to do with the natural world/dinosaurs/evolution will be devoured.

Really don't watch much tv anymore. Any shows that look as though they might be interesting, I'll watch through IPlayer. I like Sherlock, Case Histories and some documentaries. Plus Game of Thrones on DVD.

Penpal info:

How many penpals do you currently have: None
How many do you want?: 1-3
Do you want e-mail penpals?: Nah.
How long are your letters?: Varies. Usually 1-2 pages, depending on the size of the paper. Sometimes longer if paper is smaller than A4.
Do you hand write or type?: I prefer handwritten letters. Just makes it more personal.
Estimated reply time?: Within 1-2 weeks.
Male or female penpal?: Doesn't matter, though I find women slightly easier to talk/write to.
Where would you like your penpal to be from?: From the UK. I'm a student, so I don't really have much money to allow me to post letters internationally.
Age of penpal?: 21-29.

If you are interested in being penpals with me, PM me, and we'll sort something out! I am willing to write the first letter.
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