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Looking for some snail mail pals!

Name Zen

Age/D.O.B. 30 uh oh

e-mail rainebow_brite at hotmail dot com

Location Singapore but moving soon!

Do you swap/collect anything? Yup! Stickers, stationery, make-up, beads, accessories... I like to make it a surprise :) (What I swap not collect of course!)

What are your hobbies? Reading, palling, horseriding, scrapbooking, making jewellery, travelling, yup I'm aware that I couldn't sound more nondescript.. I guess you'll have to write to me for me to distinguish myself from every other ad out there :)

music? Write to me and if we hit it off enough to move on to snail mail, I'll send you a mixed tape of my fave music :)

movies? Generally romcoms and fantasy. Looking forward to Hunger Games 2 and Mortal Instruments. In the past have loved 2 weeks notice, Bridget Jones Diary, Batman, Wild Child, 50 First Dates among others

books? Obviously Hunger Games and Mortal Instruments :) As well as many other young adult and fantasy novels. Also some classics such as Jane Austen.

website? Hmm. PS I made this?

sport? Horse riding!

animal? Horses! And to make me sound less obsessive dogs!

candy? Milk chocolate!

anything else you would like to share?
Been toying with the idea of posting an ad for sometime- hopefully I get some responses! :) If you do write to me, whether or not I think we can be forever pals, I will definitely write back to let you know :)

So.. a bit about me for you to help you decide! :) I've replied to a few online ads myself and one thing I notice is that many people who pal have very similar interests :) So it's very hard to decide who to write to! Hence, I've decided to tell you more about the kind of penpal I am, and hopefully that gives you a better idea of who I am :)

I've been palling for more than half my life now and I don't think I'll ever give it up. I currently only write to about 5 people and I think of all of them as true friends- obviously we don't become true friends from the 1st letter! But I don't see any difference between a pal whom I've been writing to for 5 years and really gotten to know and a friend from home :) So I'm looking for pals who are interested in finding another true blue friend to write to even when we are old and gray :) I have stopped writing to pals before but I would like to request that if either of us decide that we just don't click, we let each other know before just stopping writing!

Also, I really am looking for more regular pals- I don't expect that you write back immediately to every letter! But unfortunately my current pals and I have gotten so bad that we only exchange letters like 2x a year and whilst I understand life is busy, it is very hard to know if you are still penpals, or to remember what your pal is like if your memory is only jogged every 6 months! :) (So you can see I used to be one of those awfully inconsistent pals- but I've turned over a new leaf this yr! :) Honest! :) :) )
From the length of this ad, you can probably tell that I'm chatty- I don't have a prescription for the minimum length of letters but obviously 1 page every now and then won't really help us get to know each other! (Conversely I sometimes find epics a bit intimidating to reply to- I've received 30 A4 pages once!!- but of course they are still welcome! :) )

Oh and the (v) last thing! If you do write to me, I am proposing being e-pals for about a month before switching to snail mail (which I prefer) as I've found that so many pals just drop out after the first letter!!

Oh and the (v v) last thing- no offence or disrespect but I am not much of a children person! I am happy to have pals who are Mothers but if you write mostly about your children, I may not have much to say back :) Now furry children on the other hand.... :)
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I'm SarahMay, and while I've just posted an ad myself, I find you quite interesting. I'm going to shoot you over an email, but I figured I'd comment here too, so you know that it's not spam!

Here's to hoping!