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Name: trager (a nickname I've had for close to fifteen years now and quite like)
Age: 24 (born in 1989)
Gender: Female
Location: Denmark
Language: Danish, and mostly fluent in English (always trying to learn more)
Occupation: University student. I'm studying chemical engineering at the master level

Reading, movies, tv-series, star wars, stargate, cos-play (mostly star wars), all sorts of geeky stuff related to my field of study, general scifi, history specially the Napoleonic Wars, girl guiding
Books: I read a lot. My favourite authors include: Tom Clancy, Dudley Pope, C.S. Forester, Michael Stackpole, Tolkien and I could go on. At the moment I'm rereading Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan series and Dudley Pope's Ramage series. I usually have at least two books going if not more.
Tv/Movies: I'm a big fan of star wars and stargate. I also watch Nub3rs, West Wing, Gilmore Girls, Hornblower and loads of other series. I love action movies, Fast and the Furious comes to mind, most of the never Marvel movies, Pirates. Basicly anything with action and were stuff happens.
Sport: Not really my thing, though I do spend my summers watching Tour de France and can get excited about cycling in general, when the mood hits me.
Animal: I love dogs. I currently do not have my own, but I take care of my parents labrador puppy as often as I can.

Other stuff about me: I live with my girlfriend who suffers from the mental illness Borderline Personality Disorder, which in periods dominates my world, but I would love to have both penpals who know and understand what it is like to live with the disorder in your life, but also people whom I can talk to about everything else, specially when the world here at home because all about the illness then it is nice to talk to people for whom something else is important.
I'm also a girl guide leader. I have 16 girls in my troop in the ages 10 to 14, and this year I am (along with a friend) the head of the biggest training camp we have for young leaders in my organisation. We educate about 200 girls in the ages 13 to 17 during a week in the fall. It is an amazing week to be a part of :) So any fellow guides or scouts out there would be cool to hear from.

How many Penpals? Good question. Two, maybe three.
E-mail or snail mail? E-mail. I'm a student and postage is expensive. I would love to get snail mail, but I can't afford to send it, so that will be for the future after getting my degree
Length of letters: Depends on the situation at home. I can write long letters when I have the time, but in periods I will be harder pressed to find the time so my letters might be shorter then
How quick to respond? I'm usually pretty quick. Writing calms me after a long day, so I often spend time in front of the keyboard, so I should be pretty quick about it.

Male/female penpals? I don't care really, interests in common is more important than gender
Age: 20-30 as a basis but I wouldn't mind writing with someone older if we have something to talk about
Where from? Anywhere in the world
Contact: comment here and we will swap emails
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