gauri (gauri) wrote in penpalsover20,

Name: Gauri
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Location: Australia

I'm a writer looking for other writers, or at least someone who can write a good letter, to write to. I love the idea of allowing a friendship to unfold over time, letter by letter. My ideal penpal is someone who would be interested in sharing thoughts, opinions, and the details of our evolving lives long-term, over a period of years. I realise that this kind of friendship isn't something you can engineer, but I hope that by stating my intentions up-front I'll at least be giving it a good try!

A little about me: I write fiction and poetry, and I'm also a naturopath (i.e. a practitioner of natural medicine). I live with my partner and our two cats, who I'm very fond of. I love young adult fiction, herbal tea, napping outdoors, picnics, the beach, hatha yoga, dancing (though I'm very bad at it), chocolate and cats. I'm dedicated to personal growth and I'm a very introspective person. I'm also a classic introvert.

I don't see much use in listing my favourite books, films or foods, because I personally don't find it all that useful in forming my idea of a person, but if you'd like to know those things, please let me know.
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