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A.R.T. @ Fairbanks, AK [Updated Apr 17, 2014]

Name: A.R.T.
DOB: Nov 6, 1989
e-mail: blaargh, just PM me. that's MUCH better.
Location: Fairbanks, AK, USA (all my life)
collect: frickin' Pilot Metropolitans...
hobbies? Doodling, scribbling, walking through the forest with the dog, procrastination, being distracted...
music? Third Eye Blind, Alan Parsons Project, Pink Floyd, Green Day
movies? (I don't watch many)
books? (oh god I've gotten so bad about this, I keep reading them halfway over and over and over, and argh, I need to fix this bad)
website? Right here
sport? wandering off in the woods
animal? I like arthropods.
candy? I really shouldn't. Bad enamel.

I sometimes pop into FountainPenNetwork, and other basics are on my profile or in my journal sticky thing.

I seldom have interesting things to say unless I know you really well, and that might take a while. Right now I'd like to take people for test runs, y'know? See if we're best buds material.

I'm pretty neutral. Usually. I don't really handle super overpowering personalities well. Sometimes I do. IDK, whatever.

I'll probably be reeeeeeally boring at first, and if we aren't compatable, I'll probably be just plain dull to you, and that'll be the end of that.

And, to be honest here - in some ways I'm not exactly open minded or neutral. It really depends. I'm not going to say about what, I'd like to not have that be an issue (just a note though - political differences probably won't factor in. Just don't be pushy! I won't.) so even if we do seem to hit it off, if there's something about you that makes me uncomfortable, I'll probably just say it's time for me to go.

I have a format that I like.

* I like to have portable letters. 3 full sheets made into 1-sig paperblock, 3.5x5.5". I think I'll stick with "get 2 sigs and send them off".

* Got a rotation of inks I use (mostly blue and black) for each month.
* Got a highlighter color code system
** Yellow: things you might want to look up later, proper nouns
** Orange: Interesting Thing
** Magenta: Copied thing, not my content.
** Violet: probably stupid stuff
** Cyan: unimportant fluff
** Green: Orginal content do not steal

* I need to doodle more.

My first letter to you will probably not say much. At all. It'll probably just be life drawings. Hey, that's important. to draw from life. And stuff. Because you gotta draw from life right?

So, wanna give it a shot?
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