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Hi there...

Hi there,

I'm on the lookout for a few e-mail pals who can put up with my long ramblings (aka long e-mails) & who can send me some long e-mails in return;-).

I did try trolling the e-pals posting, but it seems as if folks are mostly interested in exchanging long snail mails. When it comes to e-mail, they seem to be taking the shorter option. Well, I guess, I should have known... after all we e-mailers prefer emoticons to real words, right???

I spend a lot of time reading fiction-mysteries/thrillers (oh yeah, I love my cheap thrills), but isn't limited to any specific authors. I dig around the internet (especially amazon) and if something catches my fancy, I end up reading it & if happen to like the stuff, I will just get the authors entire collection. I also love travelling to new places. Sounds interesting, huh???

What else? Oh yeah - why am I looking for an e-mail pals? Once upon time, in the distant past, I used to be in this business but then got pulled into life and then somewhere along the line it stopped. Life still continue to be hectic & monotonous, but I think it would be interesting to reach out to new people and getting their perspectives. Besides, I miss the excitement and suspense of waiting to read the next long e-mail from the other side!!!

I'm not sure if I can write e-mails daily - heck, if I could write, I would have done my office memos on time. I do try and keep-up, but a reasonable expectation would be twice or thrice a week. I don't expect you to write more then 1 page & won't hold you to send out a 1 pager every time.

Gotta sign off now, if you still want to brave it out exchanging e-mails with me, you know what to do

Thanks for making it till this far.
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